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Valley  Movers Enterprise Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Valley Movers Enterprise?

Valley Movers Enterprise is a nationwide moving labor company based in Fresno, California.  Servicing 98% of the top 200 metro areas in the United States, Valley Movers Enterprise has a network of over 100 qualified movers. Valley Movers Enterprise vision is to Revolutionize the Way People Move.

How can I contact Valley Movers Enterprise?

Get a free quote online or by calling (833)980-3292 , or check out the Contact Us page to see all the ways you can reach a Valley Movers Enterprise  consultant.

Where can I read reviews about Valley Movers Enterprise?

Visit the Customer Comments page to see what real customers have to say about their experience with Valley Movers Enterprise.

What services do you provide?

Valley Movers Enterprise provides packing, loading, and unloading services to help with your move. You can choose from our Standard Service or Plus Service, depending on your needs.

What is Standard Service?

Standard Service is perfect for the do-it-yourself customer who needs loading and unloading help. As an hourly service, your price includes a set number of minimum hours and includes base charges for the service. An additional hourly charge is added to the price for each hour over the minimum. Protective materials such as blankets, ratchet straps, rope, and tape are not included with Standard Service. We recommend that you supply these materials to protect your belongings during your move.

How many hours will I need for Standard Service?

The amount of time it takes to load depends on several factors, including the size of your residence, the location of the parked moving equipment, and the number of crew members reserved. To save time, we recommend having your belongings packed and ready to go when the crew arrives. A Valley Mover Customer Care Representative can help you estimate the number of hours you may need, or you can review that information on your Valley Movers Enterprise  Reservation Summary.

How many crew members will I need for Standard Service?

Generally, we recommend scheduling Two or more crew members for Standard Service. For safety reasons, large items such as pianos, pool tables, and large safes require at least three men. Customers with small apartments or those requesting minimal service may schedule two men.

What is Plus Service?

Plus Service is ideal for customers who prefer full-service loading and unloading help. The crew provides protective materials, loads your household goods into the equipment, and supplies the necessary materials for securing your items. The price is based on the size and type of equipment, or the number of containers loaded (e.g. 28 ft. in a trailer, 16 ft. rental truck, or three 16 ft. containers). Packing services are not included with Plus Service, but can be added if needed.

When will the crew arrive?

With Standard Service, you coordinate directly with the local crew to schedule an appointment time. Your assigned crew is directly in charge of appointment schedules. Once the Reservation Summary is accepted, you’ll receive an automated email with the crew’s contact information. For Plus Service, a Customer Care Representative will call you the day before the service to discuss an appointment time.

Can I reschedule my arrival time?

Appointments are based on crew availability; however we will do our best to accommodate any changes you request. Summer months tend to book fast, so call as soon as possible to reserve your new appointment if you do need to reschedule.

Is there a rescheduling fee?

A rescheduling fee does not apply as long as you request to reschedule before your actual appointment date arrives. If you need to reschedule on the day of your appointment, it may be considered a last-minute cancellation and a fee would apply.

Does Valley Movers Enterprise receive updates from my transportation company?

We normally do not receive updates from your transportation company. Please call the Valley Movers Customer Care Team at (833)980-3292 should your transportation dates or equipment change.

What can I expect from Valley Movers Enterprise?

Valley Movers Enterprise team will do everything we can to accommodate your needs or provide alternative solutions to take care of you and your family. Happy Moving!